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Stage (Production News)

9 February 2002

Crossovers or no crossovers - that is the question

Marti Noxon at E!Online has been reported has to having doubts as to whether or not ther will be any crossovers next year.

“There's always a vague, dim hope that you'll get invited to the party. But the truth of the matter is, I think that moment has passed for us. I think if it were going to happen, it would have happened by now. It has to do with perception and the fact that voters for the Globes and Emmys are older. They don't quite get it. It's a generational thing,”

“It's unlikely that we'll see crossovers, at least for right now. Things would have to change pretty radically for us to be able to do that. Just 'cause, you know, different networks.”

This is contadictory to Joss' rather more optimistic outlook on next years crossover speculation. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

16 January 2002

'Ripper' Update

GilesAt long last the BBC website has reported some more on the Buffy spin-off Ripper. Heres what Tony Head has to say.

"It's been in gestation for a while, Joss wrote a two-hour pilot. He only wants to do a short order, like a British drama series."

"Now I believe he's got an order for six, and the pilot stands slightly outside of that. So I think he's writing another episode to give to the BBC an idea of budget and where it's placed.

"I've suggested the West Country (a) because it's where I live and (b) because it's steeped in myth and tradition. Joss is up for that, but first he's got to break a series for Fox as part of his contract. He's also doing a movie, and the Buffy cartoon is on its way."
8 January 2002

Angel to return for a 4th season on the WB

It was reported in the US magazine Entertainment Weekly, that WB executives are planning on keeping Angel for a forth season, after the shows increasingly good ratings.

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