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Events (Events News)

9 January 2002

2002 line-up of Bronzer Events

Theres quite a lot of events and gatherings for Bronzers this year. Heres some dates for your diary.
   (UK) January 12th (Weekend): Manchester PBFP
   (US) February 16th (Weekend): The Posting Board Party
   (UK) Late March: Bronzers Do The Strokes, Brixton Acadamy
   (UK) April (Unconfirmed): The 1st Iris PBFP
   (UK) May (Unconfirmed): The 1st Scottish PBFP
   (UK) June (Unconfirmed): The London PBFP/Bronzers Do Angel II
   (UK) August (Unconfirmed): The UK PBFP
   (UK) October (Event Unconfirmed): The Welsh PBFP 2
   (UK) November (Unconfirmed): Bronzers Do Brid
8 January 2002

Nocturnal conventions cancelled

The upcoming 'Nocurnal Rebirth' and 'Nocturnal Inferno' have been cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of the events organisers.

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