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The Bronze

The Bronze is a long running and very unique online community. It is a place where Bronzers gather and meet and enjoy meaningful discussions of the both the shows and real world events. It would be impossible to try to describe the Bronze in this short paragraph, so I'd like to point you towards this article, written by Asim Ali for his ethnography project at university.

Currently many Bronzers are residing at the Bronze Beta

The VIP's comments on the Bronze:Beta!

David Fury says: At the Bronze:Beta
(Wed Oct 17 17:24:13 2001
As far as we're concerned, this is the only place to post. I can't even get on the "official" site.

Joss Whedon says: At the Bronze:Beta.
(Wed Oct 17 02:45:00 2001
Hello. i may have trouble convincing you i'm joss, but I really am. I mean, even more than usual. I'm SO Joss that... it doesn't matter. Only the information I have is important. And I don't actually have any. EXCEPT THIS: I have spoken to the brass a UPN very specifically about getting a real posting board on the site. They're new at this, but it's gonna happen. And we will chat and there will be colors and all will be well. Just be patient. In the meanwhile, here is my usual list of obviously fake spoilers:
All gay
Buffy dies
Runaway bunny --from the GRAVE!
Ah, my heart just ain't in it. Anyhoo, to be concludy, thanks to those that have been keeping the torch burning -- I only heard about this place tonight. I'm all beat up from shooting the damn musical. I'm at the it's-a-disaster-they're-gonna-take-away-my-DGA-card-and-put-me-in-a-cage stage. Hopefully that will be replaced by a more optimistic frame of mind any day now.
So there it is. You can now all start doubting my identity.

Amber Benson says: At the Bronze:Beta
(Mon Oct 15 03:46:37 2001
Bonjour! This is my only post tonight because I have to go to bed 'cause I have a 6 am call. 'nough said on that front. I am posting tonight 'cause I wanted everyone to know that I have enjoyed the bronze enormously over the past two years. It's been so neat to lurk about and see what people are thinking. Even though I don't post very often anymore, I still like to keep abreast of what is going on in the Buffyverse. I also wanted to say that it would be splendiforously cool if UPN created a linear board at the bronze so that we can all chat more easily. Threaded is nice, but it's a little harder to navigate. And people are always starting weird threads that boggle the mind like: 17/swf looking for Riley and Dead vampire spikey are you THERE!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, that kinda stuff is cute and all, but it would be nice just to be able to chat normally again.
alright, must get some sleep. tara love to all. kitty fantastico sings her love

Sarah Michelle Gellar on E! Entertainment Television
"Without the fans we would not be where we are. It was their loyal support, specifically a lot of the Internet support that we had in the very beginning, that kept us going."

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